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Create a Healthier Workplace with Proper Cleaning

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How well an employee works is directly related to how motivated they feel to provide their work to their employer. Productivity can drop to the floor if an employee feels their work office is cluttered and unkempt as this is seen as an employer not caring about their teams. When an employee is happy to get up in the morning and report for duty, morale is up throughout the workplace and everyone begins to perform better. Let’s dive into some of the biggest reasons you should focus on creating a healthier workplace.

Morale, Motivation and Performance Enhancement

The modern employee will spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day at their place of work. This includes their desk, meeting rooms, cafeterias and break rooms. When that much time is spent in one place, it’s important to make sure that they aren’t walking into piles of trash or stain coated surfaces. Removing that extra stress from each employee means they can approach their work with a clear head.

The Health of Employees and Guests

It’s your responsibility to provide a safe and clean work environment for all employees at all times. The more bacteria and viruses that make their home in the grime and dirt that slowly fills any office, more concerns for health and safety pop up. In order to address this, all high-touch areas or rooms with heavy foot traffic must be regularly cleaned and disinfected even if your normal cleaning routine is less frequent. Our Steri Clean team offers reliable and on-time work to keep you and your teams safe at work.

Keeping Safety Hazards Addressed

Watching out for safety hazards at work typically refers to more dangerous jobs such as medical offices, trade jobs and manufacturing. Heavy duty work does have heavy duty concerns, but your workspace still needs to be monitored. Stacks of boxes that need taken to storage or the trash can lead to falls and trips that can potentially cause an injury that your company is now liable for.

Removal of Dangerous Exposure

Medical facilities and manufacturing floors often run into the need to use harsh or dangerous chemicals. The hazardous material handling protocols implemented by your company are perfect for the daily routine but the cleaning of storage areas for materials is just as important. Too much build up can lead to a myriad of issues depending on if the chemical is toxic, flammable or corrosive. Pest management also falls into the exposure category as the most common pests carry diseases that can be devastating to humans.

All This Keeps Your Image Intact

Customer reviews and word of mouth will always impact how others think about your company, but one of the even more telling reviews is what employees think of their employer. Keeping a clean office not only impresses new guests and customers, but it also shows employees that you care about them just as much as paying customers.

Interested in tackling cleanliness and health in your workplace? Start off with an expert team of seasoned cleaning professionals. Don’t let such an important task fall behind as you work on the other aspects of running your business.



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