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Deep Cleaning Protocols on the Rise

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Commercial deep cleaning has always been a regular part of building maintenance as grime can build up in hard-to-reach places and, over time, lead to other concerns such as mold or mildew. After the COVID-19 pandemic started, more and more companies had to start looking at their place of business through a much more critical lens of cleanliness. The landscape changed from keeping clean for a better customer and employee experience to one of health and safety concerns.

How To Adapt

Public health officials have been providing advice and protocols to help businesses address these concerns. By increasing the frequency of deep cleaning and using proper disinfectant cleaners, you can help make sure that high-traffic and high-touch areas are kept safe. Installing a temporary sanitizer station near these areas can allow customers and employees to protect themselves and stop the spread of germs, complimenting your efforts of scheduling more frequent cleanings.

It’s important to use a commercial cleaner for your building as not all cleaning techniques achieve the same level of cleanliness. Our Steri Clean team understands what it takes to truly kill off harmful germs. Cleaning is always necessary as it removes a large portion of germs and viruses but doesn’t necessarily kill them. As such, we tackle these situations with both cleaning and disinfectants which are designed to kill or “turn off” the harmful viruses.

It’s now up to businesses to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests, both professional and customer. Showcasing that your store is regularly cleaned and sanitized is an easy protocol to boast about following as it instantly puts visitors at rest knowing they’re in a safely sanitized room.

Enhancing the Standard Clean

Prior to the pandemic, simply using an effective cleaning agent was enough to keep things feeling squeaky clean. A once over with dusting and floor maintenance, mopping and vacuuming, and taking out any remaining trash was all that was needed. Now the need for true disinfecting and deep cleaning has become much more prominent and more of a requirement for businesses looking to retain as much work traffic as possible.

It’s more than places of business that have to worry about these new protocols. School campuses and all medical offices have a responsibility to keep the occupants of their buildings safe during their stays. Students are often crammed into hallways which makes proper disinfecting more crucial than ever as the speed in which a virus can spread in those tight quarters is staggering. Hospitals and urgent care facilities deal with viruses directly and while they are some of the cleanest facilities around, quick response to potential virus spread is still essential.

We believe that with the proper approach and teamwork, we can all band together to keep any and all viruses at bay so we can go about enjoying our lives again and supporting our local businesses in:

  • Nashua, NH
  • Hillsborough County, NH
  • Manchester, NH
  • Concord, NH
  • Merrimack County, NH
  • Essex County, MA
  • Middlesex County, MA
  • Rockingham County, NH

If you’re interested in providing the best experience in your place of business, reach out to our team today to get your first cleaning scheduled.



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