It can be hard to find the time to clean your shop, but cleaning is one of the most important steps in making a commercial operation a success.

A spotless street view, clear windows, and attractive outward appearance serve as one of the best possible ambassadors for any business. That said, cleaning isn’t just aesthetic. When people work and shop in clean environments, they’re more productive, take fewer sick days, and have clearer mental focus. Impress potential customers and maximize your success with Steri Clean’s expert cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Impresses Customers

Marketing is a massive industry, where commercial enterprises spend billions to gain exposure and make a good first impression. However, the most enduring and visible advertisement of your business is its view from the street. Every day, how many people and potential customers in your own town pass by on their commutes or walk down the sidewalk? The view that your business projects to passerby plays a pivotal role in whether or not they’ll even walk in the door.

Once they walk in the door, cleanliness becomes even more important. Anyone who sees a dirty, messy, or disorganized interior will quickly recognize a pristine street view as nothing but a facade. You should make sure that your business has a sharp exterior and a sanitary interior by calling Steri Clean.

Choose Steri Clean

Above all else, it’s essential that your cleaning service gets the job done right. No one can cast any doubt upon Steri Clean’s outstanding skills in this area; for twelve years, we’ve earned a loyal customer base through the quality of our services. However, that’s not all that we have going for us.

Our 40 experienced sanitation experts are highly proficient and attentive to detail, with a clean legal record and good reputations. We background check all of our employees, so you can feel safe and secure when entrusting your business to us. Likewise, they’re bonded and insured so that you won’t be liable in the event of an accident.

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Here at Steri Clean, we believe that the quality of our cleaning speaks for itself. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you, there’s no price or obligation for our time. Get in touch via phone, fill out our online contact form, or walk right into our office if you’d like. We’ll help you craft a cleaning plan that meets your needs without exceeding your budget, and you can decide if we’re right for you.

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Flexible, Client-Centric Cleaning

Steri Clean can accommodate your needs in any way necessary. If you’re looking for one-time, weekly, or biweekly cleaning, we can arrange a suitable plan for your company. Our schedule can also accommodate yours, whether you prefer to arrange cleaning after hours or during a period of low activity in the store. Naturally, we’re equally capable of handling hardwood, carpet, luxury furniture, or anything else you need to be cleaned.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Today, people are more environmentally conscious than ever. You might not think of cleaning as a major opportunity to improve your impact on the environment, but it is. Many janitorial companies still clean with harsh chemicals and groundwater pollutants that leak into the soil and harm the local environment.

If your company regards itself as environmentally friendly, it’s important that your methods of cleaning reflect this. This is another reason to choose Steri Clean; our cleaning products and methods are all environmentally friendly.

Family Owned Business

As a family-owned business, Steri Clean takes special pride in a job well done. We spare no effort to make sure that our team completes every job to the highest possible standard. This is reflected well in our reputation within the community and our set of loyal, repeat customers.

Proven Results

There’s no way to measure success like results. Here at Steri Clean, we boast some of the most positive customer feedback of any janitorial company throughout New England. Get a free quote and find out why our customers consistently come back.