The most important asset for a gym is its amenities, set of training gear, and other ways it can help customers grow fit and healthy. However, you can’t truly help your customers get and stay healthy without professional cleaning services.

A gym is full of people breathing heavily, sweating, and exerting themselves in a fairly enclosed area; a perfect petri dish for bacteria. Likewise, there are also risk factors such as sweat, soap residue, and heavy foot traffic making areas slippery. It takes a professional cleaning service like Steri Clean to mitigate these risks and help your gym be the best it can be.

Gym Cleaning

Professional Quality Cleaning

Professionals make a real difference when it comes to cleaning facilities like gyms. They know how to handle the different cleaning needs within a gym, from bodily fluids in the restroom to soap and water residue in the showers. Thorough equipment disinfection, use of the correct types of cleaners, and other steps separate professional cleaners from amateurs. As a result, turning to a first-class team of expert cleaners makes real differences in safety and comfort.

Greater Safety and Customer Comfort

The ultimate goal of hiring sanitation experts for your gym is offering the best experience to your clientele. There’s no doubt that contracting expert cleaning will achieve just this. For one, surfaces will offer better grip and minimize slip and injury risks thanks to professional cleaning. This applies to walking routes, but is particularly important for showers. Overall, a gym that relies on Steri Clean will be a healthier, safer, and more comfortable place for its customers.

Choose Steri Clean

Steri Clean has served gyms across New England, from school gymnasiums to luxurious feature-rich gyms. In both cases, we’ve built a high level of expertise when it comes to all the unique types of cleaning that a gym needs. Our staff have received extensive training on the unique procedures needed to clean showers, restrooms, and weight lifting equipment. Don’t give your clientele anything less than the best, hire Steri Clean for your gym.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Our results and reputation speak for themselves. If you’re interested in seeing what commercial janitorial services can do for you and your business, then get in touch with us. Our pricing is based on a quote model that takes the scale, type, and frequency of cleaning you desire into account. Once we understand your priorities, we’ll be able to propose plans that meet your needs and comply with your budget. Reach out and arrange a free consultation with us today.

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Expert Cleaning Staff

Steri Clean boasts a team of 40 expert cleaners who work their way through one million square feet each day. The proven skills of our cleaners are one of the key factors that help bring our loyal customers back to us, time and time again. Not only are they the best janitorial staff you’ll find in New England, but we also insure, bond, and background check them.

Insured and Bonded

If you hire amateur cleaners and they injure themselves due to a lack of training, you’ll be liable even if it was their fault. Here at Steri Clean, we take responsibility for our people by thoroughly training them on proper janitorial safety. But no one is immune to mistakes, and to this end we keep up our liability insurance and make sure that every member of the Steri Clean team is covered.

The Cleaning Services You Need

When you operate your own janitorial service, it’s hard to arrange thorough, timely cleaning that doesn’t end up wasting money on excessive labor hours. By hiring Steri Clean, you can count on having exactly as many labor hours and as much manpower you need; saving money in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Given how dense a popular gym can be, it’s important that you have a company that cleans without using hazardous chemicals. While many janitorial companies use outdated, harsh chemical cleaners, Steri Clean has embraced the green future of cleaning. We do all of our cleaning with safe, environmentally friendly products that don’t contribute to groundwater pollution. Not to mention, your equipment will require very little downtime after disinfection and your services will undergo little to no interruption.