Your manufacturing plant, warehouse, cold storage building, or other industrial center needs a capable janitorial service.

While there are many janitorial companies throughout New England, manufacturing is a sensitive, rigorous field that requires a higher level of services. If you want to optimize production, they’ll need to be able to work quickly and comply with your schedule to avoid interrupting operations. For that matter, the company will need to be insured and bonded to even be safe to work with. Your search for a company that meets these requirements and more is over, as the best option for manufacturing cleaning is Steri Clean.

Manufacturing Cleaning Services

Manufacturing plants are much more challenging, serious environments for cleaning than offices or residential areas. Such areas have fairly simple cleaning needs and it’s easy to find a suitable time to perform the cleaning. However, the requirements for manufacturing cleaning are far greater.

An unprepared individual will be a danger to themselves and others in such an area, and they certainly won’t be able to do a satisfactory job. Every sub-field within manufacturing has its own specialized requirements, as well as high standards of cleanliness. If your contracted cleaner isn’t able to adhere to these standards, it could endanger your workers, your customers, and the reputation of your company.

At Steri Clean, we’re highly familiar with the unique requirements of industrial cleaning. Many manufacturing facilities count themselves our loyal customers, and we’ve never disappointed them. The key to our success is experience, preparedness, and a thorough understanding of what cleaning for manufacturing requires.

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Steri Clean is one of New England’s top providers of janitorial services for manufacturing clients. Our industrial partners typically schedule routine services and keep coming back thanks to our expertise and reliability. Call Steri Clean today to find out why we’re the right choice for your manufacturing facility. The reasons include, but aren’t limited to the following assets

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Familiarity with Specialized Processes and Materials

A manufacturing plant is going to utilize all sorts of materials and tools that cleaners will need to be ready for. Dry ice, holding tanks, vacuum systems, and all other sorts of chemical and mechanical items need to be handled or cleaned. Effective cleaning in light of these facts requires workers that are well-equipped and trained for their job, which is a standard Steri Clean exceeds.

Proper Waste Disposal

Manufacturing facilities tend to have a small amount of downtime, which may occur at odd hours. Steri Clean empowers our manufacturing clients to maximize productivity by scheduling our cleaning at any time of day as needed.


Our 40-strong team of sanitation experts has served New England for over a decade. Not only have we trained them for the requirements of manufacturing production, but many of them have hands-on experience with all common manufacturing processes. This skill and expertise give our janitorial services a degree of reliability that keeps our manufacturing clients coming back.

We’ve also done all of the paperwork to ensure a safe process. Our company and staff are insured and bonded in the unfortunate, and thankfully rare incident of an accident. We also background-check all of our staff; you can count on the safety of letting our team in around patented devices and processes.