A clean, well-kept office building portrays an image of professionalism and helps your employees work to the best of their ability.

Studies show that visual clutter, air-quality-reducing dust, and poor cleanliness have a detrimental effect on productivity. However, inexperienced and untrained cleaners can’t do the job up to the standard needed to enjoy the full benefits of cleanliness. That’s why you should hire the highly experienced, extensively trained, and widely trusted professionals at Steri Clean.

Cleaning Office Buildings and Suites

Office buildings and suites have unique cleaning requirements that come down to a variety of considerations. These include the size of a complex, the variety of facilities, and other factors that might complicate matters for cleaners that aren’t experienced enough. That’s why you should turn to real cleaning experts such as those at Steri Clean, who offer benefits such as:

Attention to Detail

Cleaning an office building to a high standard requires a great deal of attention to detail. You can count on Steri Clean experts getting the dust out of air conditioning units, deep-cleaning restrooms, and getting into hard-to-reach areas around the office. These are all important parts of the process that you cannot expect from amateur cleaners.

Respect for Sensitive Documents

Offices still store all sorts of important, sensitive documents that can easily be damaged by a drop of cleaning products. We won’t send anyone who doesn’t understand this to your office. Hiring our team means that you’ll have cleaners who appreciate the value of thorough, precise cleaning who’ll be sure not to pry into or damage any documents you keep.

Choose Steri Clean

Steri Clean is a family-owned business that’s served our community for over a decade. We’ve come a long way since then, as many businesses in New England trust their cleaning needs to us. Every day, our team of 40 cleaning experts cleans as many as one million square feet for our wide array of loyal clients. There are many reasons that clients in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing trust us; here are a few of the biggest reasons why they trust us and you should to.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Investing in cleanliness is one of the best decisions that your business can make. If you’re interested in trying Steri Clean’s professional cleaning services out for yourself, then your next step is simple. Decide what budget you’d like to work within and how frequently you want us to clean your facility. Then, get in touch with us via phone, our online contact form, or visit us in person. We’ll offer you a free consultation and no-obligation quote on the right cleaning plan for your office building.

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Scalable Services

Whether you have a small suite or a massive office complex, Steri Clean can help. We have a large team of expert cleaners and can allocate as much time and as many people to your job as needed. Likewise, we can adjust these things over the course of a long-term partnership if your cleaning needs aren’t perfectly static.

Top Cleaning Professionals

When it comes to getting the job done right, there’s no better choice than Steri Clean. Our team is highly experienced at meeting the unique needs of office buildings. Once we’ve finished cleaning your building, you’ll be able to feel the difference in the air. Furthermore, we background check everyone at our company and insure them in case of accidents; you have no cause to fear theft or liability.

The Cleaning Services You Need

When it comes to hiring internal cleaning staff, you’ll often find yourself either overstaffed or understaffed. By turning to Steri Clean, you’ll always be able to contract exactly as much labor as you need. Furthermore, our motivated, highly-trained, and well-equipped cleaners are able to get the same work done better and faster than untrained janitorial staff.