Cleanliness is one of the most important advantages that retail businesses can enjoy. However, not everyone can clean up to the standards that customers deserve and appreciate.

Good cleaning is a matter of motivation, work ethic, and extensive training. When an amateur cleaner goes through a property, they’re likely to miss details and leave an area fairly dirty. On the other hand, the professionally trained cleaning experts at Steri Clean are able to make any surface shine.

Professional Retail Cleaning Services

Unbeatable Efficiency

Traditionally, retail companies will either hire janitorial staff or make other staff do double duty for cleaning. However, both of these are inefficient routes for a business to take. You shouldn’t push your staff into doing something they’re not trained to, simply because the results won’t be good and their time is probably better spent elsewhere.

You can save time and get a better result by hiring professional cleaners that understand what proper cleaning takes. They’re here to clean and stake their livelihood on the ability to do it well. That means getting your hands dirty and paying attention to the little details, which is what we’ve trained every cleaner at Steri Clean to do.

Great for Strip Malls

Unfortunately, there are many dirty strip malls across America. The common storefront affects the reputation of all the stores there, but it’s hard to count on any of them cleaning it. Littering is a fact of life, but trash that someone drops in front of one store might well blow toward another. Strip malls can resolve this issue by hiring Steri Clean to attend to the whole complex.

Choose Steri Clean

There’s no doubt that Steri Clean is one of the top commercial cleaning services throughout New England. Each day, our team of 40 sanitation experts cleans one million square feet or more for established, loyal customers and new ones alike. Our devotion to great service, emphasis on environmentally-friendly cleaning, and the skill of our people have all contributed to the level of trust we command in the community. Hire us for your commercial retail cleaning and see why so many come to us for all of their cleaning needs.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Our results and reputation speak for themselves. If you’re interested in seeing what commercial janitorial services can do for you and your business, then get in touch with us. Our pricing is based on a quote model that takes the scale, type, and frequency of cleaning you desire into account. Once we understand your priorities, we’ll be able to propose plans that meet your needs and comply with your budget. Reach out and arrange a free consultation with us today.

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A Trusted Fixture of the Community

The reputation of Steri Clean speaks for itself. What it says is that we’ve served many clients across numerous industries, and they’re consistently happy with the excellent work we do. Not only are our cleaning services excellent, but we also pay close attention to our legal and regulatory obligations. Everyone who works with us is honest, has a clean record, and has liability coverage through our company.

Honest and Insured Cleaning Experts

The degree of training that our team goes through serves to minimize the risk of accidents that often befall amateur cleaners. However, if there is an accident, we have it under control; we’re a bonded company that insures our people in the name of transparency and responsibility. Our people themselves are also entirely transparent, and anyone who works at Steri Clean passed a background check to get here. You don’t have to worry about any missing merchandise on account of Steri Clean, either.

Safe, Green Cleaning

Consumers and conscientious business owners alike find environmental friendliness to be more important than ever. However, hiring a janitorial service that uses traditional cleaners that harm the soil and contribute to groundwater pollution will undermine this. Turning to Steri Clean for environmentally-friendly cleaning will show customers that you prioritize the environment as well as cleanliness.