A clean, sanitary school is the best possible environment for young minds to learn and grow. That’s not just common wisdom, either; it’s backed up by science.

Our youth deserve the best conditions to study in, and the best chance at success. However, school cleaning is often a complex, challenging undertaking that many cleaning services will struggle with. That’s why you should choose Steri Clean and make sure that your school is a clean, sanitary place for its students.

School Cleaning Services Help Your Students Succeed

Many studies have gone into showing how much a clean school helps its students and teachers. By hiring a first-rate cleaning service to keep your school sanitary, you’ll reap all sorts of benefits. For one, the data shows that more extensively cleaned schools see students spend fewer days sick and out of school. However, they also get better grades and perform better across the board.

There’s no doubt; the cleaner your school is, the better chance at success you’re giving your students. However, contracting cleaners to serve your whole school can be difficult. There are certain challenges inherent to school cleaning that most janitorial services aren’t up to meet.

Challenges of School Cleaning

What exactly is it that makes school cleaning more complex than some other cleaning services? The root of the challenge is that schools come with exceedingly diverse cleaning requirements. For instance, classrooms themselves and common areas are fairly straightforward with regard to cleaning needs. However, schools always have so many more facilities that need cleaning.

Gymnasiums and their locker rooms in particular pose different cleaning challenges. Having large numbers of exerted students who’ve just finished exercising crammed into a relatively small area makes locker rooms hot spots for bacteria. Likewise, any workout equipment such as weights and dumbbells that the students handle will require very attentive, thorough cleaning.

That’s not even touching on specific amenities that a school may have. For instance, pools and other types of amenities have their own specialized cleaning requirements. While it’s easy to find a janitorial service that can clean part of a school, it’s inconvenient and inefficient to contract multiple services to handle different parts of the process. Economize on time and money so you can put your energy into creating the best possible learning environment by hiring Steri Clean.

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Compared to other janitorial services, Steri Clean is one of the only New England providers that can do it all. Whether your school has an extensive gymnasium, a pool, or any other hard-to-clean amenities, it won’t be anything we haven’t done before. Have all of your diverse cleaning needs met by one provider at one fair price; call Steri Clean.

Steri Clean is a full-service janitorial company for schools and many other companies, but that doesn’t tell you the full story. Not only is Steri Clean capable of rising to the occasion and meeting your needs, but you can also count on the best results in New England by choosing us.

Latest Cleaning Technologies

Here at Steri Clean, we spare no details when it comes to providing premium cleaning services. That’s why we employ the latest technologies that offer the most thorough, efficient cleaning. However, we’re not only concerned about the results; we also make sure that the process is safe and good for the environment.

Green Products

Traditionally, industrial cleaning has entailed the use of groundwater pollutants that can harm the local environment. However, Steri Clean has bucked this trend and incorporated environmentally-friendly products that do no harm into our cleaning. As a local company, we’re invested in the health of the local environment and the success of our youth.

Experienced, Family Owned Business

Steri Clean is a family-owned business that has earned many loyal clients over our years serving New England. We’re highly regarded throughout the area, and there’s no doubt about our dedication and top-notch results.